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The Shadow line

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ELI Readers

This novel shows the indecision and unpredictable side of youth compared to the wisdom of maturity. Set in Asia in Victorian times, it is the story of a young sailor who is unsure of what he wants to do with his life. He is offered the job of captain on a sailing ship, a great responsibility, which takes him on a journey full of problems and life-or-death decisions. He crosses the “shadow line”, the boundary between youth and maturity, and realises that it is not age that makes us more mature, but life experiences.
In this reader you will find:
- Information about Joseph Conrad
- A section focusing on background and context
- A glossary of difficult words
- Comprehension and grammar activities including B2 Preliminary style exercises and 21st century skills activities
- Final test
History, the Orient, the Merchant Navy, Supernatural, Youth

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ISBN 9788853644046
Autori Joseph Conrad
Livello linguistico B2
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