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A passage to India

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The book is set India in the 1920s. It’s a story of Dr Aziz, an Indian doctor, his friend Mr Fielding, a British professor and two British women Mrs Moore and Miss Adela Quested. Due to something that happens in the Marabar Caves, the characters find themselves in the uncertainty and confusion of a changing India which draws attention to the difficult relationship between Indians and British.
In this reader you will find:
– Information about E. M. Forster’s life and writing
– A focus on The History of English Colonialism
– A focus on religion and race in India during English Colonialism
– A focus on daily life in India during Colonialism
– Glossary of difficult words
– Comprehension and grammar exercises including B2 Firststyle activities
Classic literature Justice

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ISBN 9788853632593
Autori E.M.Forster
Livello linguistico B2
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