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Garpur: My Iceland

8,90 €
Teen ELI Readers

Hello! My name’s Garpur, and this is a story about me and my country, Iceland. I suppose you’ve heard something about Iceland, but there are still lots of things you can read about this island in these pages like the best places to visit, our wonderful landscape, and the animals you can find here. Do you know what we eat? … what school is like here? … what young guys like me do in their free time? Well, it’s all here in this book, as well as information about my family and friends and … best of all … about my favourite sport, handball. Hope you enjoy it!

In this reader you’ll find: - Cultural boxes - Glossary of difficult words - Comprehension and KEY style activities - Exit test - An audio recording of the story - Authentic photos

Tags Family | Friendship and team spirit|Traditions and nature

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ISBN 9788853632104
Autori Silvana Sardi
Livello linguistico A2
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