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Dreamers - Beginner to Elementary A1-A2
Photocopiable worksheets to convey value-based content within the context of English language teaching. Biographies: • Gandhi • John Fitzgerald Kennedy • Martin Luther King • Nelson Mandela • Mother Teresa • Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat • Elie Weisel • Wangari Maathai • Declaration of the Rights of the Child   Each unit of the volume features: • Biograph
• Units based around an original song with its karaoke version on Audio CD.
• Each unit features a biography, a song, grammar activities, Internet-based activities, class discussion.
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ISBN 9788853613547
Editore ELI
Autori Paolo Iotti
Livello linguistico A1, A2
Anteprima Not yet available
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