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Hans Christian Andersen's Stories

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First ELI Readers | Classic
These are two of Hans Christian Anderson’s most popular stories.
In The ugly duckling the farmyard animals reject a little duck because he is different. In The princess and the pea beautiful princesses turn out to have not very beautiful characteristics and a poor girl turns out to be a true princess. In both stories children are led to be sympathetic to the unpopular characters. The lessons behind the stories are important for children. Think for yourselves, be kind and don’t jump to conclusions; you can’t always go by appearances!
Vocabulary areas
farm animals, colours, family, adjectives for describing people
Grammar and structures
Present simple
Present continuous
Has / Have got
There is / are
Question words: Who? / What? / Which?
In this Reader you will find:
Games and language activities | Au audio recording of the story
empathy | kindness to others | not jumping to conclusions | citizenship
Maggiori Informazioni
ISBN 9788853631244
Autori Jane Cadwallader - Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali.
Livello linguistico A1
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