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Granny Fixit and the Viking Children

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Young ELI Readers
Can the children save a baby whale on the beach with the help of some Viking children?
(And a little help from Granny Fixit, of course!).
When the children go with their mother to a Viking archaeological site Granny Fixit organises an interesting encounter for them with some Viking children.
Together they find a baby whale on the beach. Will they be able to help the baby whale go back to its mother in the sea?
Vocabulary areas
Family and friends, sport, the world around us
Grammar and structures
Present simple - Present progressive - Have got for possessions - Can for permission - Can for ability Expressions Would you like to … / Let’s … - Thank you – Ooops - Er… - Suddenly … - Pronouns: I / you / we, my / our / your – Too - Descriptive adjectives - Question words: where, what - Look out! - Ah! Help! - Oh! - Shh!
Friendship across cultural boundaries | Resourcefulness | Kindness to animals
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ISBN 9788853631190
Autori Jane Cadwallader
Livello linguistico A1
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