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The Secret Garden

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Stage 3 300 headwords | A1.1 | Movers | Classic
In this story by Frances Hodgson Burnett, a young girl called Mary starts out as unloved and unlovable.
She moves home and, through her contact with country life and people, she gradually changes. She discovers an abandoned garden which gives her a driving aim in life: to bring the garden back to life. Mary is a changed child, so changed that, when she finds someone similar to her former self, she decides to change him too. Underlying this story are valuable lessons about the importance of kindness, physical exercise and contact with the natural world.
Vocabulary areas
family, nature, friendship, physical descriptions, feelings
Grammar and structures
Present simple
Past simple (regular and irregular forms)
Past continuous
Must for obligation
Adverbs of frequency
In this Reader you will find:
Games and language activities | Au audio recording of the story | A picture dictionary
Friendship | Overcoming difficulties | Health and happiness
Maggiori Informazioni
ISBN 9788853631541
Autori Frances Hodgson Gurnett. Retold by Jane Cadwallader.
Livello linguistico A1
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