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Music in Florence!

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Stage 4 400 headwords | A2 | Flyers | Real Life
Join Irene and Camilla in the beautiful Italian city of Florence.
There’s lots to see! Read also about how the girls spend their days and about their special hobby… playing the piano!
Vocabulary areas
Home and family, daily routine, places and buildings in the city
Grammar and structures
Present simple/continuous; There is/are; Past simple (regular and irregular verbs); Past continuous; Present perfect simple; Future with will and
going to; Can, Have to; Superlative adjectives; Verb + ing form; Positive and negative; imperative forms; Shall for suggestions; Present and past simple; passive with common;
verbs (called, born); Two clause sentences with; and, but, because, so
In this Reader you will find:
Games and language activities | An audio recording of the story | A picture dictionary | Authentic photos
Daily routine | City sights | Music + Family
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ISBN 9788853631749
Autori Claudia Catitti
Livello linguistico A2
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