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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

8,90 €
Teen ELI Readers

Meet Tom Sawyer, a boy with a good heart who’s always in trouble with everyone: at home, in school and in church. With his best friends, Joe, Ben and Huckleberry, Tom lives an exciting life outside. But he begins to grow up when pretty Becky Thatcher comes to town, and when something terrible happens in this quiet town near the Mississippi.

In this reader you will find: - Information about Mark Twain’s life - Sections focusing on Schools in Tom Sawyer’s Day and the Mississippi River - Glossary of difficult words - Comprehension and grammar activities including A2 Key style exercises and 21st century skills activities - Final test

Tags Friendship | Adventure

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ISBN 9788853632159
Autori Mark Twain
Livello linguistico A2
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