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Val's Diary

8,90 €
Teen ELI Readers

School’s over at last! The summer holidays are here but who wants to spend them in the countryside? Not Val, of course! She hates the country, but eventually she’ll change her mind. Guess why! Read her diary and find out. She tells her diary all about herself, her moods, her emotions and her dreams. This country holiday is really boring and she can’t stand it, but don’t despair … something very exciting will happen soon, thanks to Luke and the others!

In this reader you’ll find: - Focus on: A World of Cakes, Famous Diaries - Glossary of difficult words - Comprehension and grammar activities including B1 Preliminary style exercises and 21st century skills activities - Final test

Tags Family | Love & Friendship | Holidays

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ISBN 9788853632111
Autori Mary Flagan
Livello linguistico B1
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