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Martha and the Tiger Party

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First ELI Readers | Original

Tessa is a very active sabre-toothed tiger! When she finds out there is a tiger birthday party she is very excited and ready to go straight away. However, the other animals feel she should definitely clean up first! Martha and friends help her to have a bath, brush her hair and clean her teeth before they all set off together. On the way Sancho the squirrel and the communal present fall into the muddy river. Who is going to rescue them? …. And at what cost? The importance of hygiene is one theme of this story. The other is that we should always give a helping hand when we can.


- Vocabulary areas

- everyday hygiene, parts of the body, sports and leisure verbs

- Grammar and structures: Present simple Present continuous

- Pronouns

- Has / Have got

- Adjectives

- Can for ability Like / love + verb -ing

In this Reader you will find:

- Games and language activities | Au audio recording of the story

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ISBN 9788853631251
Autori Jane Cadwallader
Livello linguistico A1
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