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Little Lord Fauntleroy

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Teen ELI Readers
Enjoy reading about this little boy and discover if he stays true to himself even with all the changes in his life.
In the mid-1880s, young Cedric Errol lives with his mother in New York. They are quite poor after the death of Cedric’s father, but live a simple happy life together. Then, one day, an English lawyer comes to visit them. He has a message from the Earl of Dorincourt, Cedric’s rich English grandfather that will change Cedric’s life forever. Will he be happy? Will he win the heart of his old angry grandfather?
Verb tenses Past Simple vs Past Continuous; Present Perfect Simple
with ever, never, just, already, yet, for and since
Verb forms and patterns Negative
question forms; Negative imperatives;
Short questions; Passive forms:
present simple and past simple; Verbs plus gerund, base form or infinitive
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ISBN 9788853632029
Autori F.Hodgson Burnett
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