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Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

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STAGE 2 Pre-Intermediate | 800 headwords | A2 | Key | Classic

After Hamlet sees his father’s ghost, he begins to act in a strange way. He now knows the terrible secret of his father’s death and must decide what to do. Many people think he’s become mad. Is it true? Will he do what his father’s ghost asks? And what about love? Will he lose Ophelia’s love for him? Read the play and see how Hamlet’s life changes and how it changes the lives of the people around him.
In this reader you will find:
- Information about William Shakespeare
- Hamlet in the 20th and 21st centuries
- A glossary of difficult words
- Comprehension and extension activities including A2 Key style activities
- Final test
Drama | Tragedy | Death | Revenge

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ISBN 9788853632326
Autori William Shakespeare
Livello linguistico A2
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