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The Mill on the Floss

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STAGE 4 Upper Intermediate | 1800 headwords | B2 | First (FCE) | Classic
‘She was looking for a key to understand. Then she could deal with the heavy weight that had fallen on her young heart’.
Maggie is a curious girl. She asks many questions. And she wants some answers. What do people mean when they say she is too intelligent? When can she go to school like her brother? Why is a girl’s hair so important? As she gets older her questions change but her curiosity remains just as strong. Walk with Maggie and read her story to find out if she gets some  answers to these questions.
Verbs: Present Perfect/Present Perfect
Continuous - Past Perfect/Past Perfect
Continuous – Conditionals - Future
Continuous - Future Perfect - Modal
Perfects (Must have, Could have etc.)
- Non-defining and defining relative
clauses - Would and Used to for past
In this Reader you will find:
Background information about this novel | A short
biography of the author, George Eliot | Culture
and society in 1860s England | Glossary of difficult
words | Comprehension and grammar activities |
Final test
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ISBN 9788853623195
Autori George Eliot
Livello linguistico B2
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