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Moby Dick

9,90 €
Young Adult ELI Readers

Ishmael, a young sailor, tells this classic American story of the enormous white whale and its hunter, Captain Ahab. Start your journey across the seas in the whaling town of New Bedford, Massachusetts, and sail to unknown lands on the whaling ship Pequod. Meet Queequeg, the strange cannibal who teaches Ishmael what a true friend is; First Mate Starbuck, who shows us the meaning of loyalty and hard work. Experience life at sea – where man fights nature, but doesn’t always win.
In this reader you will find:
– Information about Herman Melville’s life
– Focus on sections
– Glossary of difficult words
– Comprehension and extension activities including B2 First
style exercises
– Final test
Adventure Everyday life Sea life

Maggiori Informazioni
ISBN 9788853632555
Autori Herman Melville
Livello linguistico B2
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