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STAGE 4 1800 headwords | B2 | First (FCE) | Classic

Emma Woodhouse is beautiful, rich, intelligent and a snob.
She says she’ll never marry, but loves matchmaking and is determined to find a suitable husband for her friend Harriet Smith. However, her imagination often leads her to make mistakes, creating problems for both herself and the people around her. Jane Austen describes the social values of her time and the novel is full of comical moments as Emma causes one disaster after another. However, the beauty of this novel is how the author manages to make the reader love Emma as much as she did.
In this reader you will find:
– Information about Jane Austen’s life and times
– Glossary of difficult words
– Comprehension and extension activities, including B2 First
style activities
– Exit test
Classic Literature Marriage and Social Status The Power of Imagination Romance

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ISBN 9788853632579
Autori Jane Austen. Retold by Michael Silvana Sardi.
Livello linguistico B2
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