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Little Women

8,90 €
Teen ELI Readers
Jo, Meg, Amy and Beth are the four March sisters, all very different, but always there for each other. With their father away in the American Civil War, they all have to work hard to help their mother. But there’s time for fun and games, too, with their friend, Laurie. Plays, a personal post office, secret societies and even a bit of romance all help to fill their days while they grow up, hoping always for their father’s return.
In this reader you’ll find: - Information about Louisa May Alcott - CLIL History: The American Civil War - A section focusing on Little Women at the cinema, theater, and on TV - Comprehension and grammar activities including B1 Preliminary style exercises and 21st century skills activities - Final test
Tags Classic literature | Family life
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ISBN 9788853632180
Autori Louisa May Alcott
Livello linguistico B1
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