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The Boy with the Red Balloon

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Stage 2 Pre-Intermediate | 800 headwords | A2 | Flyers| Original
It’s the summer holidays and Lizzie can’t wait to go to the beach in Blackpool with her
friends. Instead, she has to spend her summer in the countryside with a strange woman she doesn’t
know and a mysterious boy.
It’s the summer holidays and Lizzie is excited about going to the beach with her
friends. But her parents have other plans for her and she has to spend the summer
in the countryside with a woman she doesn’t even know. Lizzie is very angry
and sad but then she meets a strange boy called Jack. Who is this mysterious boy
and how does he change Lizzie?
Vocabulary areas Family – Friendship
– Emotions - Mystery
Verbs Positive and Negative
Imperative Forms - Present Simple and
Present Continuous (also for future
reference) - Past Simple and Past
Continuous - Present Perfect Simple
- Future with going to and will - Can,
Could, have to, need, would like - Want
someone to do something - Common
phrasal verbs - Passive Forms –
Present and Past Simple
In this Reader you will find:
A section focusing on Blackpool | Asection focusing on Strange Stories | A glossary of difficult words |
Comprehension activities | An exit test
Friendship | Family | Emotions | Mystery
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ISBN 9788853632043
Autori Silvana Sardi
Livello linguistico A2
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