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Chinese Legends - 中国传说

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HSK 3 - 600 Words | Classic

How was the earth and man created? How were the properties of tea discovered? How did a poor cowherd and a fairy fall in love? How did Chang’e, a young woman who didn’t want to lose her beauty, fly to the moon with Yutu, the Jade Rabbit?

Chinese Legends - 中国传说 includes ten stories, ten journeys between past and present, in a world where the gods and mortals live in harmony and where story and myth are entwined In this reader you will find:

- Grammatical structures and vocabulary according to HSK3 standards;

- Glossary with pronunciation and translation;

- No pinyin in text to encourage the habit of reading authentic material;

- Activities at the end of each chapter; - Complete glossary at the end in alphabetical order

- An audio recording of the whole book. Tags Legends Traditions Culture Cosetta Tolu

- Li Wei 中国传说 Chinese Legends A beautifully illustrated series of Chinese stories for readers of all ages.

HSK3 - 600 Words

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ISBN 9788853626950
Autori Cosetta Tolu – Li Wei
Livello linguistico HSK 3
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