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Mrs Dalloway

9,90 €
Young Adult ELI Readers

London 1923. The First World War has been over for five years, but its effects are still being felt all round the city.
A socialite and politician’s wife prepares for one of her famous parties while, elsewhere in the city, an old friend considers the pain of past and present love and other characters live out the uncertainties and dramas of postwar England. All touch each other in some way with their actions, directly or indirectly, in Virginia Woolf’s portrait of a day in the life of Clarissa Dalloway.
In this reader you will find:
- Information about Virginia Woolf’s life
- A section focusing on background and context
- Glossary of difficult words
- Comprehension activities
- C1 Advanced-style activities
- Exit test
Love Society

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ISBN 9788853632609
Autori Virginia Woolf
Livello linguistico C1
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